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About Little Bear Baby Signing

Who is Little Bear?
Background & credentials

Little Bear Baby Signing is an independent signing provider based in Hampshire.

We are passionate about working with families and have taught over 5000 families how to sign with their children!

We respect that each child is different and pride ourselves in our personal approach, working with each family to incorporate signing successfully into their lives.

Because we are independent we have the freedom and flexibility to be able to tailor our tutoring and not offer a "one size fits all" approach.

Little Bear Baby Signing was founded after being inspired by baby signing when we taught our own children to sign.

Friends were amazed at how our children could communicate with us at a time when they were battling with tears and tantrums so often seen in those pre verbal months. 

We wanted to be able to share this magic with other parents and thus Little Bear was born....

Since then we have worked with over 5000 families, worked in nurseries and 13 Children's Centres across Hampshire. 


We are proud winners of "Best Local Activity For Under 5's in the UK"  in the What's On 4 Junior Awards several years in a row. In 2019 we won a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for our services to baby signing!


Our tutors hold a BSL signing qualification and have been signing with babies for 19 years.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience to help make signing successful for you too.

What do you offer?
Where can I find a class?

We offer weekly classes for babies and pre-verbal toddlers and their parents/carers.  The buttons on the right show our key locations.

For families unable to attend classes we do run intensive 1 day workshops which can be found within the classes page.

We work with local Children's Centres.

We work with local nurseries and provide Childcare Practioner Workshops, see tab on main menu.

We work alongside Nurseries and Children's Centres in Hampshire.

We run weekly classes in:

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