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Childcare Practioner Tuition - Nurseries / Preschools / Childminders

More and more childcare providers are realising that using signing within their setting will have far reaching benefits to their children and staff.  As a result more nurseries and childminders are incorporating signing as part of their offering in order to remain competitive and to show their commitment to the development and wellbeing of the children.

What are the benefits to the children as individuals?

- Children are empowered because they can communicate successfully with those around them.
- This sense of empowerment significantly contributes to children's happiness.
- Positive effect on self esteem and confidence.
- Less frustration and resulting tears.

What are the benefits to the children interacting with others?

- Children can communicate more easily with each other.
- Encourages conflict resolution.
- Reduction in negative behaviours because children are less frustrated.
- Enhances early language skills.

- Children can engage in two-way conversations with their teachers and their peers at an earlier age.
- Signing serves as common language where more than one spoken language is heard - the sign will be the same for everyone.

- Children learn to use signs to solve problems. "Stop" and "share" are commonly-used signs that help children learn to get along with one another.


What are the benefits to the staff?

- Positive effect on relationship with child.

- Job satisfaction knowing that you can understand the children so well and provide appropriate care and development.

- Modelling effective communication.
- Reduces time spent playing the "guessing game".
- More time for positive interactions and enabling teachers to meet the needs of many children at once. 
- Signing is appropriate for all preschool age groups.

- Children can control the topic of conversation and express their unique interests at an earlier age.

- This in turn allows teachers to design learning activities that will enhance children's specific interest.

- Signing supports the achievement of many of the Early Years Foundation Stage targets.





"I have rarely been so truly inspired and motivated by a course – I have been on a few in my 13 years as a childminder...- and at the risky of sounding “cheesy" your course did just that !"

"Thank you for a brilliant session last night. All the girls found it extremely beneficial and interesting"


Mulberry Bush Nursery 

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