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Just a few of the thousands of examples you have told us...

Signing is not just about your baby communicating his needs (although that's top of the useful list of course).  Signing will allow him to share his  thoughts, observations and feelings with you.   You will get a window into his world and that's top of the priceless list!

"She signed to tell us she had a tummy ache which we didnt realise"

hannah southcombe WM and consent.jpg

"He is now clearly signing more for food and has started doing the sign to tell Daddy he was hungry! 

(6 months)"

"I was reading to her and she signed mouse to me and pointed to her books as she wanted to read those instead"


“She does the nappy sign every time she needs a nappy change”

(13 months)

Felicity Williams (2).jpg

(2 babies) "They were babbling and I asked them what they had seen and she signed "bird" to me. It was lovely to see them interacting and then be able to share that with me."

gem paul WM & Consent.jpg

“At 24 months he is saying 5 word sentences!  I’m sure it’s because of all the signing we did with him”

"Signing has made me realise we make a lot of assumptions about our babies  - but we are not always right!"


“She signed to tell us what her drawings were.  I thought they were just scribbles and would never have known otherwise without signing”

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