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Hear what attendees of previous 1 day intensive workshops


100% of attendees told us they felt confident in using the signing with their children after today and knew what to do when they got home

"Very enjoyable & motivational workshop today Little Bear.  Thank you for inspiring me!"

"I felt very well looked after"

"I really liked the mix of videos, exercises etc."

"Professional approach to the set up and running of the day"

"Very interesting variety of activities that ensured the group's interest was maintained".

"The workshop was massively useful as could really absorb the information and fully understand theory without having to worry about having a baby with me on the day"......"the workshop was about the full learning and the classes are about the practice for me and they are also fun to attend with my baby now"

"Pace of presentation was well executed and ensured that the whole group felt part of the process".

100% attendees felt the workshop was good value and would recommend to others.

​"Great day - thank you!"

"We really were lapsed signers when we came on the course, I tried but hubby & the grandparents were not very good at remembering to sign when I wasn't there.    Being able to come on a course without our child was really good for us as we got to understand the theory behind the practice and gave mum especially the understanding to go away and try again. Even Gramps signs with her now! "

"Excellent venue and food!"

"Brilliant course, very informative, great value for money, everyone can get involved".

"Tutor very passionate and with all the examples made me excited about signinng with my son"

"A super day - very informative and motivating"

"The pace and interaction was fantastic"

"It was so well delivered and the supporting documents so useful that it was easy to take in"

"The workshop was expertly delivered, from the correct content level to the varied ways of delivering the message.


It was fantastic value for money and I would absolutely recommend it and feel highly motivated on this subject now"

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